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Building your Brand Image using Social Media

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Considering the fact that most of the time a huge chunk of our population spends is on social media, is it a very creative platform to promote your idea, be it business, creation, hobby, literally anything a person can think of. Social media can be beneficial for both, your existing customers and potential customers, how? Let’s see. There are a lot of tools that top socials like Instagram, Facebook, etc. provide, such as polls, live videos, quizzes, etc. a brand can use these tools in order to increase engagement between the customers which results in customer loyalty. Now talking about new customers, social media lets you be as creative as you want with your posts or ads or stories, and yes, you read it right, you can post ads and promote them too which will allow a lot of people interested in your field to discover you and connect with you. Having a social media profile also shows that you are updated with the trends which is a must in the competitive market these days, people can post a review about your product or services and the experience they had with your brand which will allow new customers to trust you. There are millions of reasons why you should have a social media base to promote your business as it has a lot of advantages, but there are a few points to keep in mind while creating social media profiles and even after they are created.

It can be a bit of a task, but nothing to worry about, let me guide you through the journey from the beginning to the everlasting horizon of your creativity. 


What are the top social media platforms?

Some top social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. There are many more but these are the most used in today's date so it’s better to go through these first!

Let’s look at them individually



This is the most popular app amongst teens and young adults but nowadays the older generation has started entering this world too and therefore it is a great platform to promote a business, in addition to this, they have amazing engagement tools!

 Want to know more about it? Check this out, “ steps to set up an effective business account on Instagram" ,a blog specially curated to help you begin your Instagram journey effectively, giving you tips for each step as you go! 



Facebook is a platform primarily used to upload your pictures and statuses and tag your friends who were present with you in an event and share it with the world, but now after facebook its business tools, it has been widely used for promotion purposes, you can create a separate page for your business and handle all your promotions there itself. You will need a Facebook id too in order to make a page so it would be better if you create a different id by the name of your brand instead of linking the page to your personal id.  

Interested to know the steps and tips to create a profile that boosts up? Check this blog, “steps to set up an effective business account on Facebook", specially written for business promotion using Facebook.






Talking about this app, it is much popular amongst the younger audience, so if that age group is your target then this app is a gem for you, it allows you to broadcast messages, and lets your followers subscribe to you so that they get notified every time you post something, such as a new launch or updates. 

It has many tools that can help you promote yourself as a brand. 

If you are planning to get started with Snapchat, check out this blog, “steps to set up an effective business account on Snapchat  “ ‘ it will guide you through each step and give you tips as to what is the best way to use Snapchat for the most effective results.



Twitter is a hub of hashtags, this is where the trend started, it allows you to post in a maximum limit of 140 characters, and therefore these posts are called tweets! So creative.

It is a good platform to promote your business in a short and sweet way as a reader gets an idea of what your brand is about and if he/she is interested, they can follow you.

Getting started with Twitter? Or planning to? Do read this blog, “steps to set up an effective business account on Twitter  “,  it will give you a clearer view of how, to begin with, it and tips to make the most out of it! 




Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the internet using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. Again, like all other socials, Pinterest is accessible

from any device of your choice. You can either download it or visit it through browsers, just type in

One thing to remember here is that Pinterest has a little different interface than the other apps and it gets a little difficult to get your hand on it initially, so make sure you create a profile with a lot of attention and enter every detail correctly at once and make a separate account for your business, do not merge it with your personal account. It sounds complicated, right? Nothing to worry about, check out this blog “steps to set up an effective business account on Pinterest “, it is a guide for your Pinterest journey!



Linkedin is a rather professional platform as compared to the others and is used to introduce people about you and your business and connect with people sharing similar interests, it even allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

As it is a professional platform, it is very much suited to promote your business.

Let’s see how to set up an effective LinkedIn profile in this blog, “steps to set up an effective business account on LinkedIn “.



Some common things to keep in mind while using any platform :


  1. Your personal profile should not be linked to your brand page, create a new account solely dedicated to your brand


  1. You might need to create an email id for your brand and use it for all the socials so that it’s easy to access all of them.


  1. Creating an effective username is very important, it has to be unique, so you can check if the username of your choice is available by typing it in. 


  1. There are certain things to keep in mind while choosing one, it should be relevant to your business, minimum use of characters like underscores (_) or full stops (.) or numbers, simple yet creative usernames attracts more people and is easy to remember.


  1. Content is the key, always make sure you provide the content your audience wants to see. Insights can be a great help in knowing what is the type of content your audience engages with the most.