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Deciding the perfect color scheme is a huge task that involves a part of science and even art, I explained how color theory works, in one of my blogs, check it out if you want to know more about it, ' importance of colors in marketing'

Here I will be explaining different kinds of color schemes and what they are fit for.

Let us dig in!!


So these are the different color schemes following the color theory, 


MONOCHROMATIC: So it can be judged by the name, in a monochromatic color scheme the whole area is dominated by one color and its shades, for instance, using darkest shade of yellow, then a little less dark shade of yellow, then an even lighter tone of yellow. So basically we have used the color yellow but in different shades and tints.

 ANAOULOGS:   In the analogous color scheme, uses shades that are next to each other on the color wheel, refer to the image above, green, yellow, and orange are next to each other. Another example can be, pink, violet, and purple. Though these colors are different from each other, they go well and make the theme more vibrant.

COMPLEMENTARY: this is the most popular and widely used color scheme amongst designers, makeup artists, and many more. So basically, in this scheme, the shades opposite to each other in the color wheel complement each other, for instance, pink and green, are opposite to each other in the color wheel and therefore compliment each other. 


SPLIT-COMPLEMENTARY: This is an alternative for the complementary color scheme and equally popular, this scheme is pretty simple, it uses the main color and two shades on either side of its complementary shade. For instance, let's look at a complementary scheme first, dusty red with light blue, now if we have to use the split complementary, we will use dusty red with green and dark blue.


TRIAD: So the triad color scheme uses 3 colors that are proportionately divided along with the color wheel, if you draw a line passing through them, a triangle should be formed. Like, pink, green and orange. 


TETRAD: This is my favorite color scheme. It uses two sets of complementary colors, proportionate in a way that it forms a rectangle if you draw a line through them. It is the most creative and vibrant out of all of them, you can put your creativity to work here. For instance, take two complementary sets of colors, purple and orange, pink and yellow. They are different from each other but they go along so well!


SQUARE: This color scheme also involves the use of two complementary colors, just like tetrad, but the four chosen colors should be proportionally spaced, which means, should have a difference of two colors in between them. For instance, yellow, purple, blue, and red.