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steps to set up an effective business account on facebook

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Facebook is a platform primarily used to upload your pictures and statuses and tag your friends who were present with you in an event and share it with the world, but now after facebook its business tools, it has been widely used for promotion purposes, you can create a separate page for your business and handle all your promotions there itself. You will need a Facebook id too in order to make a page so it would be better if you create a different id by the name of your brand instead of linking the page to your personal id. 

Let’s see how to set up a Facebook profile….


Just like Instagram, you can access Facebook through any device. You can either download the app or use it through the browser. Though using the app is suggested!


Just type in and it will lead you to a page that will look like this. (if you are on a desktop)


As you have to make a page, click Create a page option. Though you would still need to have an account for it which we will create after this step.


Choose the business or brand option. Then it will ask you to log in or create a new account, so click the create a new account option.



Fill out all the details it is asking, keeping in mind that this is your brand’s account.

Your business account should be different from your personal account, it should be solely dedicated to the business.

     While selecting a profile picture, just remember, it should be your brand logo and anything that is relevant to your brand, it should be high quality and readable to the user.

You are done creating an account and a page, set it up and good luck with the content, as the content is the key!