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steps to set up an effective business account on Instagram

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Instagram is the most popular app amongst teens and young adults but nowadays the older generation has started entering this world too and therefore it is a great platform to promote a business, in addition to this, they have amazing engagement tools!


How to create a profile on Instagram and things to keep in mind while doing so.


  1. You can access Instagram through any device, be it a desktop or mobile, or tablet. 
  2. You can either download the app or visit it through a browser, just type in Though downloading the app is recommended as it is much easier to use and takes less time, to download the app you can visit the app store for ios or play store for android. 


As you open Instagram it will ask you to log in if you already have an account but if you want to create one, just click the sign up option.


3. When you click sign up, it will take you to a page where you can create your account. You can either connect with an already existing account on Facebook or create an individual account, now if you don’t have a Facebook account for your business then it's suggested to create an individual one, it can be connected later on too, so nothing to worry about here.


4. It will ask you for your mobile number or email address, the username of your choice, and a password. Username has to be unique, so you can check if the username of your choice is available by typing it in. there are certain things to keep in mind while choosing one, it should be relevant to your business, minimum use of characters like underscores (_) or full stops (.) or numbers, simple yet creative usernames attracts more people and is easy to remember.


5. When you are done filling in the details asked, your profile will be created but the touch-ups need to be added, such as the bio, profile picture, website link, etc. 


6. The profile picture should be your brand logo and anything that is relevant to your brand, it should be high quality and readable to the user.


7. In the bio, you write about your business and the services you provide or something creative like a quote that revolves around your brand’s idea.


8. There is a segment where you need to provide a link to your website, if the link is long make sure you use a URL shortener such as If you want to add more than one link unfortunately Instagram doesn’t let you do that, you can use linktree, here you can add all your social links and provide this link in your bio on Instagram.


Now that all this is done, you need to focus on your content, as good content catches the audience and gives them a reason to stay.