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steps to set up an effective business account on Twitter

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Twitter is a hub of hashtags, this is where the trend started, it allows you to post in a maximum limit of 140 characters, and therefore these posts are called tweets! So creative.

It is a good platform to promote your business in a short and sweet way as a reader gets an idea of what your brand is about and if he/she is interested, they can follow you.


Let’s see how to set up a Twitter account and things to keep in mind,


You can download Twitter on your phone or even use it on a desktop, or any other device that is comfortable, just type in


You will be directed to a page that would look like the image below, click sign up as we are creating a new account.


You might have a personal account but always keep the personal account unlinked to the business account!


Fill in the details asked, if you do not prefer to give your mobile number there is no worry, you can use an email instead.


Now it’s time to do the most important task, choose a username, bio, and profile picture. 


The username has to be unique, so you can check if the username of your choice is available by typing it in. There are certain things to keep in mind while choosing one, it should be relevant to your business, minimum use of characters like underscores (_) or full stops (.) or numbers, simple yet creative usernames attract more people and is easy to remember.


In the bio, you write about your business and the services you provide or something creative like a quote that revolves around your brand’s idea.


The profile picture should be your brand logo and anything that is relevant to your brand, it should be high quality and readable to the user.


Once you are done with this, you are all ready to show off your creativity and ideas to the world and gain the most out of it!