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types of brandings you need to know about

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In simple terms, branding means marketing or promoting a specific entity. The entity can be anything, a person, an organization, a product, and anything one can imagine. Considering the fact that there are so many kinds of brandings, they have a few names for each type. So here I have some of the most relevant ones at present! 

Let’s dig in and find out which one are you looking for!

Corporate branding

This is completely focused on building the reputation of a corporation. This helps in building trust between customers and the corporation and thus helps boost brand recognition. It has long-term effects and is very beneficial for any brand. 




Personal branding

This sphere revolves around the promotion of a single person and not a whole organization, for example, celebrities, influencers, politicians, etc. 

They need to keep a good image so as to work and gain a respectable position in whatever they do. It can be done in many ways, but these days, social media is where all the hype starts and therefore is one of the most powerful tools for a personal branding campaign.




Product branding

As the name suggests, advertising a product, promoting it, etc. is all a part of product branding, why do we say lays instead of chips? Or Maggi (Indian ramen) instead of noodles? Lays and Maggi are both brands but their names are being used so often because of their most successful products and smart product branding!




This refers to a collaboration between two or more brands. Many brands have tried this strategy and to a much surprise, it has been found to be effective for many of them. Some of the examples of successful co-branding are Nike and Apple, Levi’s and Pinterest, GoPro and Redbull, Starbucks and Spotify, and the list goes on.